Urge Congress to Protect Children & Families at Our Border!

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Use this as a sample message to give during your call:


“I am your constituent from [City, State], and I am deeply disturbed by the inhumane way families seeking protection in the United States are being separated and detained by our government at the U.S.-Mexico border.


Further, it is absolutely unconscionable to detain vulnerable children in cage-like settings as they await the immigration system to work on their behalf.


This is not the American way. 


I urge you to work with your colleagues in Congress to end the ongoing practice of family separation and prioritize the protection and well-being of children at our border — to include funding for alternatives to detention and family case management.


As your constituent, I cannot in good conscience allow for this to continue. The safety of children and the integrity of our nation are at stake.


Thank you for your time and consideration."


You can also tweet @ your Senators/Representatives with the same message, share this action alert with your social networks, and continue to follow this advocacy effort by using #KeepFamiliesTogether and #EndFamilyDetention.