Urge Congress to Override the President's Veto

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"I am your constituent from [City, State], and I am calling to make sure that you do the right thing and vote to reject the Presidential Proclamation on Declaring a National Emergency Concerning our Southern Border and work with your colleagues to override the President’s veto.


This veto follows suit, skewing the intended balance of powers through the concerning use of executive force.


I urge you to override the President’s veto. The Declaration should have never been issued in the first place. The real national emergency is the horrendous way we are treating children at the US-Mexico border.


That is un-American and unacceptable.


I urge you to work with your colleagues in Congress to override the President’s veto. Thank you for your time and consideration."



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You can also tweet @ your Senators/Representatives with the same message, share this action alert with your social networks, and continue to follow this advocacy effort by using #OverrideVeto.