This holiday season, be a saint. Donate a gift to a child who came to America alone.

Every day, children make the dangerous journey to the United States—alone—without a parent or guardian. These children are running for their lives. Some hope to reunite with their mother or father in the United States, while others seek their brother, sister, uncle, or aunt. They make a perilous journey in search of safety; to find protection from gang violence, poverty, and exploitation that is destroying lives all over Central America and beyond—countries where simply being a child puts you at risk.  

When they arrive at our border, many children are housed in government shelters for 30-45 days—sometimes for many months or years—until a relative or loving foster family can offer them a safe place to stay for the duration of the immigration court case.  

To learn more about the experiences of these children, watch LIRS’ brief educational video The Journey

This holiday season, be a saint. Donate a gift from below to bring hope and joy to children in communities and foster care placements through the LIRS network.

Gifts will be given to children in Florida and Texas that were impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  Gifts will also be given to the women and children in family immigration detention centers. Learn more about family detention here.