Christmas 2018 Appeal

With the holidays upon us I wanted to share a story with you about 5-year-old Ralph. His parents are addicted to drugs and he was found homeless living in a park with his mom when the Department of Children and Families came to his rescue. Upon transitioning to Lutheran Services Florida’s case management team, Ralph was given the care, safe shelter and affection he so desperately needed. Ralph remembers the difficulty of being homeless, but now speaks excitedly about other things, like his new foster family, their three dogs, a real bed and his Cars movie-themed blanket. 
Ralph’s story is all too common in Florida. Millions of children are growing up in grief-stricken homes where they can get stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty, neglect and abuse. That’s why your gift today is so important to children like Ralph. To give the full care these heartbroken children deserve, we need your help and support.
Thank you for generously helping Florida’s children in need this Christmas season!

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