Lutherwood Steps for Kids

This year, Steps for Kids was like no other!

While COVID-19 cancelled many events this spring, it didn’t stop Steps for Kids. Thanks to you, our first (and hopefully ONLY!) Virtual Steps for Kids was a huge success!

You and hundreds of others stepped up and around your blocks, onto your treadmills, or in your backyards to raise awareness for children’s mental health in our community. It was great to see so many wonderful photos and videos of how you participated through your #StepsforKidsChallenge submissions. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us!

You also helped us raise $93,245 (and still counting!), easily surpassing our COVID-19-altered fundraising goal of $75,000!

These funds will go directly towards our youth mental health programs like Safe Haven Youth Services, and providing an on-site nurse and music therapy program to our youth at our Children’s Mental Health Centre.

Thank you, for showing youth that they aren’t alone, and that you care. 

Thank you for proving that our community values youth and their mental health, even in these difficult times.

We hope to see you all in person for Steps for Kids 2021!

A special message from the Lutherwood Foundation Team:


Campaign Progress Last updated 5/21/2020 11:30am

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Fundraising Notes
  1. If you have collected cash donations, please e-mail to arrange a time to drop them off. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, we strongly encourage making donations online. 
  2. If you are helping a family member with their online donation, please ensure you are logged out of your Participant Centre to avoid issues with receipting. If you have received a tax receipt with the incorrect donor name, please contact
#StepsforKidsChallenge Draw Winners:
  1. Amy J - $100 Conestoga Mall Gift Card
  2. Sherri M - Caricature
  3. Chris K - Caricature
  4. Ricardo F - Caricature
  5. Lianne K - Caricature

Our Top Teams

  1. Run The North - $2,700.00
  2. CBRE - $2,500.00
  3. Community and Justice League - $2,425.00
  4. MTD Products - $2,365.00
  5. Lutherwood Employment Services - $1,920.00
  6. Team TMMC - $1,730.00
  7. Who's Your Data? (ERA ) - $1,380.00
  8. CLAC Cambridge - $700.00
  9. Virtual Steppers - $700.00
  10. RBC Waterloo Wellington - $620.00

Our Top Participants

  1. Steps Champion! Personal Gift Murray Haase - $2,820.00
  2. Steps Champion! Personal Gift Omar McLean - $2,572.22
  3. Steps Champion! Personal Gift Michael Kovarik - $2,460.00
  4. Steps Champion! Personal Gift Mary-Jo Shearer - $2,255.00
  5. Scott Uffelman - $2,000.00
  6. Steps Champion! Trent Robinson - $1,500.00
  7. Steps Champion! Personal Gift Bud Norman - $1,420.00
  8. Steps Champion! Personal Gift Ann Van Norman - $1,400.00
  9. Steps Champion! Will Hunter - $1,375.00
  10. Steps Champion! Personal Gift Chris Sellers - $1,300.00

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