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The Mountains of Israel Book 

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The Mountains of Israel
The BIBLE & The West Bank

A book by Norma Archbold

Acclaimed on five continents as the book about the Arab-Israeli conflict that every believer should read, some 80,000 copies of The Mountains of Israel are in print in English, Norwegian, Spanish, Telagu, Bulgarian, Dutch, and French.

 Norma Parrish Archbold, MA served the Lord in Jerusalem and the West Bank where she wrote The Mountains of Israel, provided free Bibles for Arabs, arranged for emergency aid to Christians, and fought for high standards of truth in the media, and for the release of new believers jailed and tortured by the PA.

...(T)he most precise, informative and enlightening book I have ever read on the subject of Israel!
     ~ Mrs. Freda Lindsay - Co-Founder of CFNI

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