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Leave Me Alone, I'm Jewish! Book by Ron Cantor

A book by Ron Cantor 

That was Ron Cantor’s attitude when his best friend, Bryan became a believer in Jesus. Ron knew that Jews can't believe in Jesus—right?—so what did this religious nonsense have to do with him?

However Bryan’s vibrant new relationship with ‘God,’ made Ron realize that he had no idea if there was a God. This led him on an eight-month search for truth that ended with him upside down, in the middle of nowhere in a totaled automobile—just before he was confronted with the very presence of God!

In his humorous style, Messianic communicator Ron Cantor recounts his early years, growing up Jewish with ADHD, seeking ‘fun’ by any and all means, being chased by goons, experimenting with drugs and ultimately seeking an answer to the question: Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?

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