Every year, 12,000 blood cancer and blood disease patients like Joshua need a marrow transplant to survive. By making a gift to Be The Match, you help ensure that every patient receives the care and support services they need. Thank you!
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Team Be The Match is a nationwide community committed to helping patients in need of a marrow transplant. We help raise funds to add potential marrow donors to Be The Match Registry®, the largest and most diverse registry of volunteer marrow donors in the world. Every new donor we are able to add to the registry increases the chances of patients finding a donor and receiving the life-saving transplant they need.

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Feel free to get creative! This is also a great place to feature a patient, if you are fundraising in honor of someone in need of a marrow transplant. Examples: "In honor of Isaiah" or "Minneapolis Gives"

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It costs about $100 to add a new potential marrow donor to the registry. So, if you hope to add five new donors to the registry, start with a fundraising goal of $500.

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