Protect the Commonwealth's Old-Growth Forests

Otis State Forest by Christina Wiseman-Mass Audubon
Otis State Forest


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Support H.736 - Act Relative to the Protection of Old Growth Forests

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In a time where deforestation is a global threat to our climate and our public health, we should be doing more here in Massachusetts to protect some of our most important forest lands.

Old-growth forests are extremely rare, and serve as carbon sinks as well as rich and diverse habitat. They also serve as "living laboratories" where we can learn more about forest development, tree genetics and climate change.

Although 3 million of Massachusetts' 5 million acres are forested, only 1,500 acres of this land is original old-growth forest. These ancient groves are scattered throughout the state in small patches, with most on the steep mountainsides of Western Massachusetts managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Currently, old-growth forests in Massachusetts are not lawfully protected from timber cutting; instead, they are protected only by policy that could change at any time.

An Act Relative to the Protection of Old Growth Forests (H.736) would change that by establishing a system of permanent old-growth forest reserves on state lands.

I urge you to support this legislation, which would also establish a research and education program to monitor the status and promote understanding of old-growth forest reserves.

The benefits of these ancient lands are immeasurable, and we need to protect them today while we still can. Thank you for your support.

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