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Please support S.1767/H.2522 - An Act Increasing the Conservation Land Tax Credit

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The benefits of protecting open space are varied, from providing wildlife habitat to offsetting carbon emissions.

In Massachusetts, the Conservation Land Tax Credit program (CLTC) offers an incentive for landowners who donate land for conservation purposes. Approved land donations that fit CLTC criteria are eligible for a tax credit of 50% of the donation value, up to $75,000.

Right now, CLTC is funded for up to $2 million a year. And it's long overdue for a funding expansion that would allow for a larger number of these credits to be offered.

I urge you to support "An Act Increasing the Conservation Land Tax Credit"(S.1767/H.2522), which would raise the annual cap of the CLTC Program from $2 million to $5 million per year. It would achieve this goal by increasing the cap by $1 million/year over a three-year period.

Allowing more landowners to benefit from CLTC will only serve to benefit the lands, wildlife, and people of Massachusetts.

Thank you for your support.

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