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I support stronger climate change policies in Massachusetts

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Climate change is the single greatest threat to the nature of Massachusetts, and when our climate changes, so do our lands, communities, waters, and wildlife. These changes affect our health, the nature we love, and the resources on which we depend. We still have time to correct our course and align Massachusetts' climate strategy with the best scientific data available to lower our greenhouse gas emissions while creating a flourishing clean energy economy.

But we have to act now. I urge you to support An Act to Secure a Clean Energy Future (S.2005/H.2802) and An Act to Create a 2050 Roadmap to a Clean & Thriving Commonwealth (H.3983). These bills would set emissions reduction requirements in line with the latest climate science. An Act to Secure a Clean Energy Future would also increase the renewable portion of the state's energy portfolio, and improve clean energy access for environmental justice populations.

Thank you for supporting stronger climate policies for our state.

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