Thank MassDEP for Saying "No" to Polluting Biomass

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The MA Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) recently revoked the permit for a controversial biomass energy plant proposed in Springfield.

If built, this plant that would have had significant health impacts on the local community—an environmental justice area that deals with disproportionally high rates of asthma. Please thank MassDEP for making the right decision!

As part of their justification, MassDEP cited the environmental justice requirements in the recently passed "Next-generation Climate Roadmap" bill. This is an exciting example of how statewide policy can work in tandem with local community organizing. Congratulations to the many local groups and stakeholders who have been leaders in advocating against this project for years!


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for making the decision to revoke the Palmer Renewable Energy facility permit. As you know, this was an environmental justice issue that would have worsened already-high rates of respiratory illness and other health impacts experienced by the local community.

By listening to the concerns of local organizers, and aligning MassDEP decision-making with state environmental justice and climate goals, we will avoid decades of harmful greenhouse gas and air emissions while also setting a strong precedent for future energy siting decisions.

Thank you again for standing for healthy communities and a shift away from polluting sources of energy for Massachusetts.

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