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Stories of Strength

Share your story of strength and inspire others to join you with you in support of individuals with muscle-debilitating diseases.

Results from your efforts can multiply! Tell your story and motivate others to join you in raising funds and awareness.

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MDA Family Stories of Strength

Running for Kinley

“I joined Team Momentum for the Colfax race [in Denver] and ran the half-marathon,” said John Hower. “My daughter Kinley (age 15) has mitochondrial encephalomyopathy and has attended MDA summer camps in both Kansas and Colorado. MDA has been a wonderful resource for our family over the years and I felt this was a great way to raise money for MDA while getting in shape and running another half marathon. I had not attempted that distance in over 4 years due to various knee issues but was feeling better and thought it would be great to train with a team. The coaching was a huge help and being part of a team made the training and the race even more fun. It was a tremendous experience for me!”


For my Campers

"As a fairly recent hire with MDA, I have the awesome opportunity to work very closely with our families in my role as Family Support and Clinical Care Coordinator,” said Kristi Knoblauch. “This past summer, I directed my first MDA summer camp. Wow! There are no words to describe it. I helped create a camp where kids are surrounded by other kids who are just like them and have similar physical challenges. It’s an incredible environment filled with positivity, acceptance, and accessibility. It’s a great vacation for the real-world that is often times filled with negativity, judgment, and hurdles. After a session at camp, I was motivated to do more and that’s why I joined Team Momentum. On the big day I wrote, ‘For my campers,’ on my forearm as a constant reminder of why I run. I gave it my all for my campers. There is no better feeling than that.”


I Run Because I Can

“I run because I can, because I am blessed with muscles that move. I don't wake up and wonder if my legs are going to work, or if I can lift my glass to my mouth for water. My brother Kyle had muscle disease and had that battle to fight every day. This team allows me to pay honor to my brother’s life by moving my muscles and is a way to help other families fighting against muscle disease. It is my goal to inspire those around me and help to find a cure for these diseases." Lindsay


Our Team Made Training Fun

“Joining Team Momentum and running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. It’s funny because the experience basically wasn’t anything like I imagined it would be. I figured training would be a difficult, grueling task that I’d tough out and in the end hobble away from a 26.2 mile uneventful run around Chicago. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Our team came together, worked as one, supported each other and made training fun. I never imagined I would forge friendships that would last a lifetime, but I am certain I did. The marathon itself was anything but uneventful. I tell everyone, it was one huge party; 26.2 miles of people cheering, bands playing and amazing sightseeing! I am extremely proud of everything our team accomplished. We raised an amazing amount of money to fight muscle disease, made dramatic change in the lives of those affected by muscles disease, changed our own lives for the better, and conquered a feat some people only dream of. I love Team Momentum and cannot wait to run again next year." - Josh

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