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MDA Family Teams are the HEART of the MDA Muscle Walk! As part of MDA’s extended family, YOUR story has the strength to lift a million hearts.

If you are registered with MDA, or are a family member or caregiver of someone who is; if you’re an MDA Summer Camp counselor; if you’re a clinician or other medical professional that serves at MDA clinic – your experience and insight, your STORY, can help motivate others to join you in raising funds to end neuromuscular disease.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the NEW MW MDA FAMILY TEAM GUIDE and read it!  It’s full of ideas and ways to raise money by telling your powerful story to everyone you touch every day.

  2. Download the Team donation form so you can fill in the information about your local community events, and send in the amount raised to your local MDA.  That way, MDA can give you the credit your team deserves! 

  3. Please send in a copy of your team roster with the information for all your team members—so they too can receive all the inspirational tools and guidance from MDA—and be eligible for individual prizes like t-shirts 

  4. Sign into your Participant Center and download the NEW MW Email badge—and put it immediately at the bottom of your work and personal email.


  5. If you haven’t already, ADD THE MDA MW Facebook badge to your FB page.

  6. START WRITING YOUR STORY! Here’s a sample to get you started.

Last year, the amazing MDA family teams raised an amazing $3.7 million – or more than 52% of the Muscle Walk total!

Family Stories

  • mw_famteam-superfeet.jpg
    Raised $7,424.00 from Tampa, Florida

    It all started at a parent support group  ...

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  • mw_famteam-amadeosarmy.jpg
    Raised $35,410 from Austin, Texas

    Our favorite part of the Muscle Walk is coming

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  • mw_famteam-team4tom.jpg
    from Lansing, Michigan

    Muscle Walk 2014 will be the third walk for “Team 4 Tomorrow” ...

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  • mw_famteam-teamlotts.jpg
    Raised $3,339 in 2013!

    The Lotts 4 Muscles team, headed by Darla & Diana Lott ...

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