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Here are some tips:

  1. Sign up for the MDA Muscle Walk nearest you. This will give you access to all of our newest online tools and give your friends a reason to support you.

  2. Start a team (or join one). Research shows that teamwork greatly increases your chances of fundraising success. Send invitations to your family, friends and coworkers so they can sign up under your team. If you can’t start your own team, find one to join. Encourage your team members to use the same online tools and help them get started.

  3. Set a goal and share it. Tell your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers what you’re trying to do. According to studies, shared goals are the most likely to be realized. Use words like “donate” or “share” so friends know exactly what you want them to do.

  4. Use the MDA Muscle Walk Online Toolkit to help spread the word and raise funds. Our Online Toolkit has everything you need to build a personal or team Web page, send customized emails and letters, track your donations and use Facebook for fundraising.

  5. Ask. Then ask again. Send customized MDA Muscle Walk emails to everyone you know and ask for contributions. Include a simple explanation of how and where people can donate and other specific ways they can help.  Use “donate” or “share” so friends know exactly what you want them to do. Remember:  The No. 1 reason people give to a worthwhile cause is because someone they know asked. And keep sending those emails! Research shows that 1 in 4 results in a donation.

  6. Make it personal. Use your emails and personal fundraising page to tell why you are walking, and share meaningful photos of those who inspired you to join the MDA Muscle Walk. Give people a reason to care about your goal. The more fun and unique your personal page, the more money you usually raise!

  7. Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to support your mission. Participants who use social networking tools raise significantly more money to support their cause. Make sure you spread the word via your social networks, and add our Muscle Walk Facebook app to help you fundraise with Facebook. Our Muscle Walk Facebook app makes it easy to enlist support from your Facebook friends.

  8. Boost the impact of your donation with matching gifts. Many companies provide matching gifts for employee charitable contributions — some will even double your contribution! Click here to learn how to make your gift go even farther!