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MDA Family Stories of Strength



Raised $7,424.00 

Tampa, Florida

"It all started at a parent support group!"

Three young newly-diagnosed boys with Duchenne MD and their families joined together to fight back.  They created “Team Superfeet”, and through their efforts, raised $7424.00 and had 62 walkers!  Their goal was to sponsor MDA Summer Camp and as a result, they sponsored their childrens’ cabin at MDA Summer Camp-- which was appropriately named Superfeet.   This year, Team Superfeet is already on their way to breaking records through community events including a McDonald’s Spirit Night, local magazine articles, and church events.  This year, they’ve welcomed a new MDA family to their team as part of their efforts to provide support for one another, and empower each other to fight Duchenne MD.



Raised $35,410 in honor of  Amadeo Andrade, age 10

Austin, Texas

"Our favorite part of the Muscle Walk is coming together as a community to show our support in ending muscular dystrophy.  A lot of the time you feel alone in the struggles we endeavor as a family. When there are larger events we remember that there are more people in this fight than just us. People we can talk to and share with, who understand our struggles. There’s comfort in numbers."

- Mario,  Amadeo’s Dad



Lansing, Michigan

“Supporting MDA gives us faith for a better tomorrow.”

“Muscle Walk 2014 will be the third walk for “Team 4 Tomorrow”. Our son, Matt, was  diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia in the  summer of 2010. It is a rare disease that causes progressive damage to the nervous system,  mainly affecting the muscles and the heart. We formed our team to walk in support of Matt and all others, both patients and families, affected by the diseases that MDA serves. We believe that with this invaluable support, MDA will be able to continue funding services and offering hope for a cure.   Supporting MDA gives us faith for a better tomorrow.”

Colleen, Matt’s Mom



Raised $3,339 in 2013!

"The Lotts 4 Muscles team, headed by Darla & Diana Lott, twins with Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, have been supporting MDA’s walk program since we began doing walks many years ago. We have found that through their communication with friends, family and their community, people have learned about MDA and how to support MDA’s program.  Darla & Diana do a lot of special events to raise money for their team including a Zumafest, Applebee’s Nights, selling rubber bracelets they had made up with their team name…and good old fashion asking people to donate to their team.    Darla & Diana say they send out hundreds of emails and Facebook messages all year long for support.   As a result, we raised $3,339.00 last year."

Thank you

- Darla & Diana!