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Set a team goal

MDA recommends that you form a team of 10 people.  If you have more than 10 people to recruit, that’s fantastic — but it may work better to form sub teams.    Research proves that a shared goal is the most powerful and most likely to be obtained.  A team of people all sharing the same goal dramatically improves your chances of success. So set an MDA Muscle Walk Team Goal and involve all your team members in the effort — and victory will be yours!

How To Form a Team

Thank you for wanting to start a team. We deeply appreciate your leadership and enthusiasm! You don’t even have to be a walker to be a Team Captain. Here’s all you have to do:

1) Muscle up your favorite friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers.

2) Register online. At registration, choose “Start a Team.”

3) Recruit at least five friends, family and co-workers to register and join your team.

4) IMPORTANT! Set a team goal. Working together, you’ll be more likely to achieve success!

5) Download the Muscle Walk Team Captain Kit and get started!

6) Register for your local walk and sign into your Participant Center and download the NEW MW Email badge- and put it immediately at the bottom of your work and personal email and you could link register to the find a walk page.


7) Don’t forget to keep in touch with your team members and all your friends on Facebook.  Download the Muscle Walk Facebook app now.

“What I have learned from having ALS is the difference between being successful and being significant.”  — Augie Nieto


Team Downloads

Muscle Walk Team Captain Kit
Muscle Walk Team Donation Form KMW-102
Muscle Walk Team Roster KMW-103

You’ll find more downloadable materials on our Fundraising Resources page.