Why do you participate?

Make a difference as a member of MDA Team Momentum and let the experience make a difference in you!



  • MDA has served as a pillar of strength for our family−an invaluable source of information, assistance and inspiration. … While the training has been rigorous and challenging, I know this will be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Come race day, my brother and others diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy will be in my heart as I run in the hope of finding a future cure. I am forever grateful for all of my friends and family who have not only encouraged my efforts throughout training, but have also sponsored me in this event, supporting both my brother and this noble cause.

    Aaron Citron runs in honor of his brother Jon, who has limb-girdle muscular dystrophy.

  • The hardest thing for me to overcome when I am running is the mental game my mind plays on me that tells me I’m not strong enough, and that I should just give up. … I have to constantly remind myself that any pain I feel is temporary. It is NOTHING compared to all that my brother has had to overcome in his 35 years of life. … Mike is the most amazing person I know. I’m going to fight and “win” this marathon for him. 26.2 miles closer to a cure!

    Amy Degnan (Chicago, Ill.) runs to honor her brother Mike, who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

  • I am running for my cousin John. … Most people see running a marathon as a grueling challenge, a bucket list event to do once in their lives. John hasn't been able to walk for the last 18 years I know there is nothing in the world he would want more than to run just one more day. That is why I'm running.

    Brendan Kerrigan, a first-time marathon runner, ran for MDA in honor of his cousin John in the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

  • I think about people like my son and others with a neuromuscular disease who face daily challenges as well as the uncertainty of what the future holds. … I think about the research being done through the MDA, and the fact that there are treatments on the horizon that offer realistic hope. … I imagine that someday Matt may join me on a run. It is then that my training runs feel like a gift and not a burden. Thank you MDA!

    Wendi Sloane (Highland Park, Ill.), a veteran marathon runner, raised more than $6,900 for research focused on type 2i limb-girdle muscular dystrophy in honor of her son, Matt.


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