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Surgical Oncology Research

By donating today, you will become a part of a movement to educate patients and medical professionals, further research on rare and devastating cancers, and provide the best possible care for patients and their families.

Below are a few examples of what your donations support:

a. $200 provides HIPEC educational resources for 10 new patients

b. $300 provides a sample analysis for 1 patient enrolled in the appendiceal microbiome clinical trial (enrolling 24 patients, 3 tests per patient)

c. $2,500-$5,000 supports genomic testing for 1 patient (enrolling 50 ovarian cancer & 50 appendiceal cancer patients)

d. $3,000 covers the cost for 1 research fellow to attend a national conference presenting research data (travel, presentation and conference-related costs)

e. $5,000 covers the cost for 1 ovarian HIPEC study patient to receive study intervention (enrolling 48 patients)

f. $20,000 provides annual training for 1 fellow enrolled in the research scholar program (maintain 3-4 research fellows)

g. $38,000 provides the annual cost to support the appendiceal antibiotic study (6-year study)

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