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SSTAC and MDE, Say "NO!" to Radical Activist Toolkit


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SSTAC and MDE, Say "NO!" to Radical Activist Toolkit

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing because I am aware that at a recent meeting of the School Safety and Technical Assistance Center (SSTAC) on May 2nd, an activist toolkit was proposed, initially approved and is currently being reviewed and vetted prior to an upcoming SSTAC meeting.

I am greatly concerned about the secretive manner in which this toolkit was developed, the inadequate process of approval it has undergone, the lack of public notification given to parents and taxpayers, nonexistent opportunities for public input and finally the shocking contents of the toolkit, which are not the product of diverse stakeholders, medical professionals and educational professionals, but an unknown group of activists, eager to conduct social experiments on children.

While compassionate accommodations can and should be extended to students who struggle with biological realities, such accommodations must be made in a manner that does not compromise the privacy, safety and dignity of all students. This toolkit is not the solution. The toolkit would privilege students who struggle with biological realities above all other students and at the expense of all other students. It is your responsibility to ensure the privacy, safety and dignity of all public school students and I am urging you to embrace this responsibility by preventing final approval and distribution of this toolkit.

The vast majority of parents and students in Minnesota do not want to attend public schools where girls shower alongside boys, where boys can house with girls on overnight school trips, where boys can observe girls inside changing rooms after gym class. Privacy is a basic right and one that parents take very, very seriously when their children are concerned. Please, I am urging you to take it as seriously as parents.

Additionally, taxpayers do not want their dollars spent printing, distributing and implementing recommendations that strip minors of basic provisions every person should be extended - privacy, safety and dignity. Please respect taxpayers in Minnesota by demonstrating that you conduct yourself with integrity - fiscally, procedurally and professionally.

Minnesotans are aware that the Obama Administration's "guidance" letter was rescinded by the Trump Administration and are shocked that the toolkit still bases claims on the lawless "guidance" of the Obama Administration's rescinded letter. I am certain this did not go unnoticed by you and urge you to pull the toolkit from consideration and consider addressing the concerns of students struggling with biological realities in a manner that invites ALL appropriate stakeholders into the discussion as well as parents, students and taxpayers.

This toolkit is lawless, overreaching, harmful to students and offensive to parents, students and taxpayers in Minnesota. I am urging you to take immediate action to withdraw the toolkit from SSTAC and MDE consideration and to guarantee that it will not be distributed statewide.

Say "NO!" to the Toolkit,
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