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Please complete the address fields on the left with your information which will allow our system to direct your message to the correct lawmaker.

Then use the space on the right to write a personalized message to your lawmakers.  We recommend you share with them how you are praying for them, and even thank them for something they have done or said that was encouraging to you.  We have written a short example you can follow.

This is not the place for harsh words.  Please be loving and gracious in your message.  This is a place to "honor our rulers [legislators]" (1 Pet. 2) who are "ministers of God" (Rom. 13).

Helpful Tip: The system will put the "Dear [title] [their name]"  and the "Thank you again for your service, [your name]" in the email for you, so jump right into your message!

This message will go to our Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Solicitor General, State Auditor, as well as your state representative and state senator.


  • Governor Timothy 'Tim' J. Walz
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