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Send a Message to Libraries: Drag Queen Story Hour is NOT for Kids!


Send a message to library staff at Saint Paul Public Library. Tell them Drag Queen Story Hour is NOT appropriate for children! 


  • George Latimer Central Library Youth Services Manager Kelsey Johnson-Kaiser
  • Director Catherine Penkert
  • Youth Services Manager Marika Staloch


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Drag Queen Story Hour is NOT for Kids!

Dear [Decision Maker],

Public libraries have a long history of offering books and learning resources for children, including Story Hour. Saint Paul Public Library is such a valued part of the community in part because of these resources.

However, Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is not a valuable resource for children. By relentlessly sanitizing the adult elements of drag, DQSH attempts to present an image of drag performers as ambassadors for the LGBTQ community rather than adult entertainers. In effect, DQSH brings a sanitized version of nightclub entertainment to children's settings, such as schools and libraries. This tends to normalize adult sexual proclivities for very young audiences--in fact, it makes children props in an adult spectacle. For these reasons and others, Drag Queen Story Hour is deeply inappropriate and Saint Paul Public Library has a responsibility not to host these events.

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