Help Stop the Sex-Ed Mandate for MA Schools

help stop the sex ed mandate

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State legislators are currently considering a bill that would force a Sex-Ed Mandate for all public schools teaching sex-ed in Massachusetts. This means that local school boards and parents would be taken out of the equation, and the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) would have total control over Sex-Ed. Schools would be required to teach curriculum that is consistent with DESE's Framework, a set of standards that's currently being rewritten. Worse, a Planned Parenthood official is helping rewrite the Framework. DESE has already interpreted the existing Framework to mean schools should teach children as young as 12 how to use flavored dental dams for oral and anal sex. The "update" is only going to make matters worse. Is that what you want your child learning about at school?

Friends, we've been able to stop our legislature from passing this horrific bill in the past. It almost passed last session, but as even the bill's main sponsor admitted in his testimony, we "lit up the switchboard" at the State House in opposition to the Sex Ed Mandate. It is time to do so again! In fact, we need to turn up the heat on this bill, because Planned Parenthood is determined to win this year, so I am asking you to take ONE quick action TODAY.

  • Please take 90 seconds to email your Representative that you oppose this bill. We have pre-written a message for you below, so all you have to do is enter in your name and address and click through.

Together, we can send a clear message to Beacon Hill that we DO NOT want Planned Parenthood poisoning the minds of our young children, and we DO NOT want a bureaucratic mandate to sex-education.


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