Stop Assisted Suicide

The two MA bills seeking to legalize assisted suicide, Senate Bill (S2745) and House Bill (H4782)were both recently moved out of committee and may come up for a vote soon.  Shockingly, even with the increase of deaths amongst the elderly due to Covid 19 and disruption to the medical field in general, legislators on Beacon Hill have cynically pushed this bill forward.  This comes despite over 100 MA doctors having recently decried the dangers of assisted suicide in an open letter:   

"As physicians and healthcare professionals, we embrace a culture where ALL people receive appropriate medical care, regardless of economic state, ethnicity, age or disability. We believe that the most vulnerable patients will suffer from legalization of lethal drugs by creation of a financial incentive for insurance companies and governments to save money by approving coverage of cheaper lethal drugs and denying lifesaving treatment, as has happened in states where assisted suicide is legal." 

I encourage you to read the whole letter and watch this one minute video by a doctor who has who has witnessed first-hand the impact of assisted suicide laws on his patients. 

Fortunately, bills that don’t become law before August 1 would have to start from scratch in 2021, so let’s use the next month to continue to send the message to Beacon Hill that normalizing suicide as a “medical treatment” is bad for the Bay State! 

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