Tell Governor Baker to Veto Secret Abortions for Minors

Help stop Massachusetts from giving Planned Parenthood the gift of secret abortions!  Unfortunately, both houses of the MA legislature have passed The Secret Abortion bill (SB 2296), or an Act Relative to “Confidential Healthcare,” and it is currently sitting on Governor Baker’s desk, awaiting his signature.  This bill encourages children to hide abortions, birth control and sex-reassignment "treatment" fromunderage abortion image their parents. The legislation would prohibit insurance companies from sending explanation of benefits notices to policy holders when these "confidential" health care services are involved.

For example, a girl could use her parents’ insurance to pay for her abortion or birth control, and the parents would NOT be notified. This legislation will allow young women to be pressured into abortions by boyfriends or abusers, and abortion industry workers can tell them, "Go ahead and get an abortion--your parents’ insurance will pay for it and they'll never know."  A boy could start receiving puberty blockers and synthetic estrogen to “transition” into living as a female, and his parents would not be told why their son’s voice is starting to get HIGHER or why he’s developing breasts!  It’s no surprise that three of the groups lobbying for passage of this bill are Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts and MassEquality (LGBTQ). They know that parents are their number one obstacle to promoting abortions and sex-reassignment to minors, and they are attempting to shield themselves in state-mandated secrecy.   

Since both the MA Senate and House of Representatives have passed the bill, we're asking you to contact Governor Charlie Baker to encourage him to veto this bill that violates the parent-child relationship and promotes secrecy at a time when children need parental input the most. Please send an email below to your legislators in opposition to this legislation. It only takes 30 seconds.

The good news is, we stopped a nearly identical bill just before Christmas of 2016.  We need your help right now to win this battle.  Please encourage Governor Baker to oppose this bill below.


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