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Orphaned at five days old... Bobby was all alone.
To survive, Bobby needs to eat. Too young for puppy chow, Bobby needs his mother's milk. It's critical for a puppy to gain weight. The calories and nutrition to keep him healthy and growing need to come from his mom. Unfortunately for Bobby, there were no currently lactating dogs at the shelter that could substitute for his mother. And then, wouldn't you believe it, in steps Gwen, a female cat nursing a litter of kittens. As you can imagine, Bobby is not out of the woods yet. Now at 5 weeks old, Bobby still has a long way to go. As soon as Bobby starts eating solid food, he'll be transfered to a foster home with other dogs so that he can be socialized. His "litter mates", especially one small kitten who follows Bobby everywhere, will be sad to see him go. Your donation today will help provide the food, shelter, and veterinary care essential to Bobby's well being and can help other puppies and kittens like him.

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