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Hello! Thank you for calling the Michigan Humane Society Day of Giving Telethon.

May I please have your title and the spelling of your name?

May I please have your address and phone number? 

May I have your email address for your receipt?

(It is very important that we get the donor’s email address. If the donor doesn’t provide an email they will not receive a receipt. If the donor does not provide an email address, create a fake email using the donor’s phone number followed by a period and devnull@convio.com.  EX: 3135551212.devnull@convio.com, 3135559876.devnull@convio.com, etc.  If you do not follow this formula donations will not be recorded.)

Which credit card will you be using today?  (If the caller indicates they would like to mail in a check, please ask them to mail it to MHS, 30300 Telegraph Rd Suite 220, Bingham Farms, MI 48025, ATTN: Telethon.  Please ask them to note the matching hour sponsor in the memo line on their check if they call during a matching hour.  We are not able to mail out envelopes.)

Credit Card Type:
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
What is this?

Will you be making a one-time gift or would you consider an ongoing monthly gift to help care for animals year-round?

What amount would you like to donate today?


How did you hear about Telethon?

WXYZ Channel 7
TV 20
Social Media
MHS Website