MHS Memorial Giving

Whether in memory of a friend, family member, loved one or beloved pet, your gift to homeless animals will bring comfort to the friends and family who have lost a loved one. 

There are two ways to notify the recipient of your memorial gift: Send an eCard or download a printable Memorial Card that you can hand deliver or mail. Note: the printable Memorial Card is available for download after the donation has been completed.

If you prefer to give by phone and/or would rather have a paper memorial letter sent instead, please call Heather at 248-283-5659. 

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can help provide animals with shelter.
can help animals in need of veterinary care.
can find a new loving home for one dog or cat.
$10 minimum.

Send an eCard Notification of Your Memorial Gift
Sending an eCard is a great way to tell family and friends about this gift. Once your gift is processed, your eCard will be sent automatically on the date you select below.   If you do not wish to send an eCard, a printable Memorial Card is available for download once your donation has been completed.

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