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Your help is needed to purchase specialized beds and furniture to support a therapeutic and comforting environment.
Used by frontline staff during a critical, life-saving event.
A Panda Warmer provides the warm, stable environment needed for babies to grow and thrive.
Redistribution beds are specially designed for the comfort of our most critically ill patients, including COVID-19 patients.
Transportation Ventilators are vitally important for the safe transport of some of our sickest patients.
MSH is preparing to manage the expected flu and COVID-19 surge in our community through an extension of the COVID Assessment Centre
Buy a Bear for a Loved One
Buy a Bear for a Patient at MSH
Buy a soft sleep sack to hug a newborn.
Provide comfort and warmth to a loved one by purchasing a blanket.
Provide comfort and warmth to a patient by purchasing a blanket.