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These monitors enable physicians to screen a patient's heart for up to two weeks straight to assess their heart rate and rhythm and detect any irregularities that have contributed to a patient's condition.
Your help is needed to purchase specialized beds and furniture to support a therapeutic and comforting environment.
MSH's first treadmill will help ensure a more efficient and effective rehabilitation and recovery program for patients.
Transportation Ventilators are vitally important for the safe transport of some of our sickest patients.
Help provide a place for our patients to rest and heal by purchasing a share of a patient bed. Every share helps.
Hospital stretchers play a critical role in patient care. They are used for transporting patients from one area of the hospital to another to receive the care they urgently need.
The new standard of care in emergency medicine includes frequent and easy access to a bedside ultrasound.
Buy a Bear for a Loved One
Buy a Bear for a Patient at MSH
Buy a soft sleep sack to hug a newborn.
Provide comfort and warmth to a patient by purchasing a blanket.