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IV poles ensure medication is delivered to patients at a safe and steady flow. They have a rolling base so they can stay with patients as they move throughout the hospital.
Sleeper Chairs provide comfort for family members of patients so they can stay close to their loved ones during their time at MSH.
These are specially designed to ensure that our patients are using the right equipment at the right time for optimal comfort, safety and health.
Help provide a place for our patients to rest and heal by purchasing a share of a patient bed. Every share helps.
Cancer patients can take this pump home with them and come back the following day instead of staying in the hospital for the 24-hour period
A stretcher is used for transporting patients from one area of the hospital to another to receive the care they urgently need.
Critical Care beds are specially designed to take care of our most critically ill patients. They provide both safety and comfort to the patients and their caregivers.
These essential monitors record and track blood pressure, pulse, temperature and oxygen saturation levels at precise intervals right at the patient's bedside.
The neonatal intensive care unit needs these advanced technology incubators to provide consistently controlled thermal environments and warmth.
A Panda Warmer provides the warm, stable environment needed for babies to grow and thrive.
With the number of patients in need of MRI on the rise, a newly upgraded machine will ensure they can get MRIs when they need them, right here in our own community.