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First of all, thank you to the incredible pack that rode with us and to those that rallied their family and friends for donations earlier this year and raised over $60K for Pediatric Neuro-oncology.


2018 has been an exceptionally wild ride.

June: Reid’s tumor started to grow aggressively again just a few months after completing his chemotherapy.

Fathers Day: Reid's vision was rapidly declining so we decided to move forward with a risky surgery to remove most of the tumor. Surgery was a huge success, vision in his good eye was restored and Reid recovered incredibly well!

August 4th: A few weeks later Reid had a 2nd surgery due to complications (and celebrated his 4th birthday in the hospital).

September: His routine MRI showed tumor regrowth…

October: Reid began a clinical trial.

And this is where Cycle for Survival comes in…

This clinical trial is the same type of targeted therapy that we raised $ for earlier this year that I mentioned Reid might benefit from one day if ever needed. The targeted treatment therapy is called a MEK inhibitor...MEK162 to be exact and is being tested in children with low grade gliomas and optic pathway tumors. The drug is intended to break apart the gene mutation that caused Reid's tumor.


Luckily for us, Reid received the last spot on a clinical trial and started receiving the medicine in October.

The consortium of doctors that are apart of advancing these trials have said that this is the most promising treatment they’ve ever seen and the results are groundbreaking.

With Reid on a clinical trial he will be providing researchers with data that will be used to help treat future children.


Clinical trials are made available in pediatric hospitals nationally because of the advancements in research funded through programs like Cycle for Survival.

This is REAL and Reid is directly benefiting from these efforts because of your generosity.

He is able to go to school, play with his friends, ride his scooter and drive his cars. He is able to do all of the things that every 4 year old should be able to do because he has access to these ground breaking treatments.


So as we go into year 2 of fundraising for Reid's Wolfpack please be encouraged that your efforts are paying off…in giving children like Reid

HOPE…because that’s all we really have after all.

Hope that one day we can eradicate childhood rare cancers —and give ALL children the ability to live a life that’s happy, healthy and carefree with a future that’s bright.

Please share, sign up to ride with us in NYC or make a donation.

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