2021 Fundraising Events

Making a difference in the fight against cancer 'one layup at a time.'
Making a difference in the fight against cancer 'one layup at a time.'

Layups 4 Life's 2021 Fundraising Page

Hello Supporters, Donors and Event Participants,

It is with great excitement that we are offically kicking off our 2021-2022 fundraising efforts. 

The Layups 4 Life team has created this page to raise funds in support of cancer research and clinical trials at Memorial Sloan Kettering, and we hope you’ll consider joining the cause and help us make a difference in the fight against cancer. 

Many of the most important breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment have been brought to light at Memorial Sloan Kettering, and none of that progress would have been possible without your support. 

In fact, much of the most promising new research can't even begin without donations from individuals: in most cases, government funds become possible only after our support funds the early work that demonstrates real potential. 

Too many of us know people who have faced a cancer diagnosis, and sometimes it's hard to know how we can make a difference. One of the most effective ways to help is to make sure the crucial work being done at Memorial Sloan Kettering continues to have the support that will drive it forward.  We have created this page because we are determined to do our part. Co-Founder and CEO Dan Exter is a cancer survivor and made it his personal mission to elevate his involvement in the fight against this disease and from that desire came Layups 4 Life. 

When the next new breakthrough is announced, we want you to know that we were all a part of making it happen, and it would mean that much more to us if you would join us in these efforts so that we can say that we ALL helped make it happen.  Every dollar counts, and we hope you will be as generous as you can.

Thank you for your support. To learn more about Layups 4 Life please visit us at www.layups4life.org and follow us across social media at @layups4life

With gratitude, 
The Layups 4 Life Team 

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