MSPCA-Boston Dog Training

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If you are registering an adopted dog, you are eligible for a $10 discount. Please use the discount code "adoptedboston" (case sensitive) to receive your discount. You must enter this code prior to entering billing information by clicking "Enter Discount Code Here."

Obedience Unlimited (6 weeks)
Obedience Unlimited (6 weeks)

Obedience Unlimited features behaviors that make up a well-trained dog. The instructor relies on known (and fun) techniques from the competition Obedience community; however, this is not a class about competition; it is about reliability. Some weeks you and your canine companion will learn to navigate Rally Obedience courses consisting of signs where you perform the listed skills (see the signs here). Other weeks your dog will learn to retrieve; identify scent; and jump broad, bar, and high jumps along with other relationship-building activities. Our methods are consistent with our mission of kindness and care towards animals, so your dog will have fun in class and will always look forward to learning. Perfection is not the goal, since humans and dogs alike seldom achieve flawlessness; instead, the goal of Obedience Unlimited is to engage and challenge our best friends with new tasks that are fun to learn and intellectually stimulating.

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