It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that the MSPCA Run Fur Fun 5k on April 4, 2015 has been cancelled.

After this year’s harsh winter and record breaking snowfall, we do not feel that the course is safe enough to support our two and four-legged runners. To avoid snow and other hazards, we would need to re-route the course to use narrow pathways that hug major roads, and are also not fully clear of dangerous debris, salt, and ice. Unfortunately, because of limited spring and fall dates available we were unable to reschedule the race. 

In addition to an unsafe course, we would not be able set up tents on the grass or provide parking for our runners, volunteers, and staff on event day, as the parking lot at Artesani Park was used as a snow farm this winter. The DCR has been working very hard to clear the snow, but unfortunately, it will not be finished in time for the race

Run site
Zen Yeti
Snow Farm

If you have any quesitons or concerns please contact Allie Feiner at

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