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Tribal Constitution Handbook: A Guide to Writing and Revising Tribal Constitutions

This handbook has been compiled to assist a tribe in reviewing and revising its constitution (and bylaws) or in drafting its first constitution. For each article, the handbook presents information and ideas for a tribe to consider so it can make informed decisions. Based upon such considerations, a tribe can identify existing sections of its constitution (and bylaws) needing revision and/or consider a suggested provision in its new constitution, proceed to revise old sections or tailor the language in its new constitution, and coordinate them into a complete document for public comment by its tribal members. It also gives examples for each article from a variety of tribal constitutions to present a comprehensive view of possibilities, to present information on tribal government, to summarize information, and to present information generally on tribal constitutions.

ISBN: 978-0-97940-990-5              Pages: 421
Publication Date: 2011                   Cost: $47.00 + $7.00 S&H


Research help is available from the National Indian Law Library at the Native American Rights Fund. Help is available for research assistance relating to drafting tribal law.  See the library’s Tribal Law Gateway at: or contact the library for free assistance.

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