To honor this Earth Day, I invite you to join with me in making the Earth Day Pledge — and take a stand to protect our planet against those in our country, in our government, who are allowing it to be devastated and destroyed. We have been collecting pledges from NARF supporters and will be sending them to the Environmental Protection Agency soon.

Sign the pledge and add your name to the list of supporters — before April 22nd. I will send the Earth Day Pledges to the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency with my letter of appeal to stand up and fight to preserve, protect, and save this planet we all call home.

Our earth cannot speak for itself, so we must be its advocate.

I pledge to you that during this change in the U.S. government, NARF will continue to do everything in our power to protect our earth’s natural resources, safeguard waterways, grasslands and deserts and preserve the environmental heritage for Native America.

I hope you will consider the ways you can protect our planet today and every day forward. And always remember, we are all connected as brothers and sisters of this earth.

May the four winds guide you always in the right direction!

John E. EchohawkPhoto of John EchohawkJohn E. Echohawk
Executive Director

Earth Day Pledge: I care about our planet and will do my part to protect it.  I pledge to stand firm with NARF to advocate justice to save our natural resources.

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