New York: Bill Bans Invasive Animal Experiments for Science Fair Projects

Bill Details

Name:  Humane treatment of animals for science fair projects
Number:   SB 1302
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Summary of bill

A renewed effort is being made to amend existing New York laws to ensure that only humane experiments on animals are permitted for student projects for school—including those entered in science fair competitions. The current bill seeks to apply standards for the use of live vertebrate animals in experimental studies that comply with those used by the Intel Science Talent Search.

Currently, New York law restricts live vertebrate animal experimentation by high school students by banning experimentation with all but a few exceptions. If a student wants to do an experiment that uses intrusive or harmful methods, they must apply to the Commissioner of Education for a waiver. Since 1994, however, applications had been received for a handful of waivers, despite the fact that countless student projects were based on invasive experiments.

Under the proposed amendment, New York would adopt rules for the use of live vertebrate animals prohibiting live animal experimentation with the exception of non-invasive studies and those studies in which the student is provided with tissue or blood from an animal that was not killed for the purpose of the student’s experiment, but was being used by researchers for other research.

Please help to make New York the most humane state possible by clarifying rules for the use of vertebrate animals inside and outside the classroom.

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