Minnesota: OPPOSE AG-GAG Bills That Would Criminalize Exposing Animal Cruelty

Bill Details

Name:  Animal Facilities Harassment
Number:   HF 1369 and SF 1118
Call for Action:  Contact your Minnesota Representative and Senator to oppose the passage of legislation that criminalize efforts to expose abuse at commercial animal facilities.

Summary of bill

Minnesota companion bills HF 1369 and SF 1118 are proposing changes that would, among other things, make it unlawful to take undercover video or photographs of abuses at animal facilities. While some provisions in these bills specify what constitutes a criminal activity—such as breaking into a laboratory or farming operation and destroying property—the provisions in the section, “Animal Facility Interference,” directly address activities that are undertaken by animal activists in order to expose animal abuse.

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This action alert is for residents of the following states only: Minnesota