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Green Community BookGreen Community

Edited by Susan Piedmont-Palladino and Timothy Mennel, in conjunction with the exhibition Green Community curated by Susan Piedmont-Palladino

A new book featuring essays about planning, designing and building sustainable places.

Essay topics: The Green Community in Context; Density and Transportation; Conservation and Preservation; Energy Resources;and Local Health and Global Health. 

Contributors: Sir Peter Hall, F Kaid Benfield, Fred Hansen, Jonathan Rose, Robert E Lang, Mariela Alfonzo, Timothy Beatley, Richard Moe, Patrice Frey, Douglas R Porter, William Browning, Thomas L Daniels, Scott A Malcolm, Marcel Aillery, Mary Rickel Pelletier, Erica and Mark Heller, Howard Frumkin, James A Lagro, Jr, Carolyn Steel, Thomas L Daniels, and Esther M Sternberg.

Conclusion by Congressman Earl Blumenauer. 

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