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redesigning the american dream.jpegRedesigning The American Dream:  Gender, Housing, and Family Life

By Dolores Hayden

Americans still build millions of dream houses in neighborhoods that sustain Victorian stereotypes of the home as “woman’s place” and the city as “man’s world.”  Urban historian and architect Dolores Hayden tallies the personal and social costs of an American “architecture of gender” for the two-earner family, the single-parent family, and single people.  Many societies have struggled with the architectural and urban consequences of women’s paid employment: Hayden traces three models of home in historical perspective—the haven strategy in the United States, the industrial strategy in the former USSR, and the neighborhood strategy in European social democracies—to document alternative ways to reconstruct neighborhoods.  Revised and expanded in 2002 and still utterly relevant today as the New Urbanist architects have taken up Hayden’s critique of suburban space, this award-winning book is essential reading for architects, planners, public officials, and activists interested in women’s social and economic equality.

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