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Container and Modular Buildings: Construction and Design ManContainer and Modular Buildings: Construction and Design Manual

Bold and unconventional ideas are called for if the intention is to
steer the debate on temporary accommodation for refugees in a new
direction offering high-quality solutions. From eccentric experiments
all the way to projects which have already been realised, international
design teams present their work between the twin poles of unconventional
developments and life-saving shelters in this compilation of case
studies, Container and Modular Buildings. Not all of these are
applicable to the current refugee crisis, since that which digital
nomads find hip constitutes harsh reality for others. Yet alongside
playful follies, we can find miniature architectural structures for the
homeless as well as outpatient medical stations which offer a response
to social problems and space shortages. The photographic material puts
forward ideas as to how more can be done than the mere assembling of

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