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roberts_ezra.jpg"Ezra" Wall Art

 This stunning wall art was created by artist, Philip Roberts, in his studio in Southampton, NJ.   It is constructed from multiple layers of various plywoods creating eye-catching dimension.  Each work of art is slightly different depending on the grain and how the wood accepts the stain (the most commonly used are Mahagony, Red Oak, and White Birch).  Piece contains 12 layers some painted accents.  Can be hung horizontally with either end at the top.  Note, the appearance will change throughout the day depending on the light.

Ezra was born through an arduous pursuit.  Philip’s desire was to create a piece designed to give the viewer a feeling familiar with experiencing Gothic cathedrals (without looking like a gothic cathedral).  Regardless of Creed, the vast intricacy of an old cathedral stirs something within the human spirit. Anyone familiar with this understands the positive peculiarity. While impossible to bring that FULL feeling into a customer’s home, he wanted to make a physical reminder for those who appreciate this feeling.  Ezra is a tribute of sorts to an experience so difficult to articulate.

Artist:  Philip Roberts

Size:  29" x 6.5"

Member Price:  $270



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