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designing for disaster kitDesigning for Disaster Teaching Kit

The Designing for Disaster Teaching Kit engages students in the world of disaster mitigation by way of the design process. They will use strategies employed by professionals in the architecture, construction, engineering, and urban planning disciplines to lessen damages from natural disasters. 

The Designing for Disaster Teaching Kit features engaging, hands-on lessons. Students will be able to describe and demonstrate the basic physical forces that act on buildings including compression, tension, and shear force. They will review photographs of structural damage from historical natural disasters and work in teams to decide how to fortify structures in order to prevent future damage. Students will also profile real life resilient structures and handle actual construction materials which are included in the kit. 

Designing for Disaster is best suited for students in grades 7-9 and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards Initiative and the Next Generation Science Standards. The materials in the Kit are designed to be reused each school year. 

Curriculum Plan

  • Aligned with the Nest Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards Initiative
  • Six core lesson plans plus additional optional lesson plans available online
  • Core lessons require approximately five and one half hours of classroom time
  • Orientation section to help you organize lessons to fit your teaching schedule

Teaching Tools

  • Building Cards: Lear about resilient structures from around the world.
  • Interactive Flood Maps: Re-plan a town around its historic flood zone.
  • Building Boxes: Create your own buildings; combine for larger structures.
  • Pattern Sheets: For use in conjunction with building boxes.
  • Weather Cards: Study the effects of natural disasters using these visual thinking strategies.
  • Construction Materials: Handle specially made nails, protective glass, and a hurricane tie down.



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