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nbmtriptychNational Building Museum Frieze Triptych

This original, bas-relief triptych is inspired and adapted from a section of famed sculptor Caspar Buberl’s Civil War frieze that adorns the exterior of the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Employing production techniques similar to the historic “press-molded” Buberl frieze, artist Caroly Van Duyn designed and sculpted this Gate of the Infantry triptych to represent authentically the original high-relief work of art.

Clay is “hand-pressed” into plaster molds cast from Van Duyn’s original clay sculpture. As moisture from the clay is absorbed into the plaster, the clay slowly releases from the mold. Before being pulled from the mold, each cast is inscribed with its unique edition number. Once a cast is “bone” dry, it is carefully sanded and glazed, then twice fired in a kiln, giving it strength, durability, and character. The back of each triptych includes the rails traditionally added to architectural, ceramic casts for structural support and as an armature for attachment to building facades. Because the triptych is completely handmade, careful observation will reveal variations in each piece and may even include the artist’s finger and tool marks.

Size: side panels 5" x 8" each; center panel 10" x 8"; overall 20" x 8"

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