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Albert Frey and Lin Bo Bardi: A Search for Living ArchitectuAlbert Frey and Lina Bo Bardi: A Search for Living Architecture

By Daniell Cornell and Zeuler R. Lima

This unique book documents the work and lives of two 20th-century
architects, Lina Bo Bardi and Albert Frey, whose shared beliefs
anticipated today's architectural principles of integration among
humans, earth, and the built environment. This book proposes a dialogue
between two key 20th-century architects, Albert Frey and Lina Bo Bardi.
Frey moved from Switzerland to the U.S. in the early 1930s and Bo Bardi
emigrated from Italy to Brazil after the end of World War II. While they
never met, their intellectual odysseys overlapped. Both fostered the
integration among architecture, landscape, and people, helping transform
the architectural culture in their adoptive countries. Their design
affinities converged in the notion of a living architecture, evident in
their publications and the projects featured here. Frey, a pioneer of
"desert modernism" in southern California, embraced the landscape and
experimented with materials to create elegantly detailed structures. Bo
Bardi produced idiosyncratic works that strove to merge modern and
traditional vocabularies in an architecture conceived as a stage for
everyday life. Placing these architects side by side, the authors
explore modern architecture through cross-cultural exchanges and unveil
meaningful, though little known, architectural dialogues across cultures
and continents.

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