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Anatomy of a Great HomeAnatomy of a Great Home

What elevates a house to best-of-class status? Find out in this
insider's look at more than fifty award-winning homes designed by nearly
three dozen A+ American architects. Regardless of their size or design
style, the best new and remodeled homes share common traits. They
deliver eminently livable space that can accommodate nearly any
lifestyle event. They respect and relate to the natural environment.
They take on the personalities of their owners. And they are works of
art that no one will ever want to tear down—the ultimate test of
sustainability. Comprehensive in scope, this book profiles a wide
variety of extraordinary homes—from urban infill to custom homes,
suburban remodels, seaside cottages, and subdivision housing. It
distills their broad patterns and refined details into practical lessons
with endless applications, making it an inspirational guide for
designers, builders, and anyone planning their own dream home.

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