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At Home in the American BarnAt Home in the American Barn

At Home in the American Barn examines the fascinating
possibilities for living and adaptive reuse provided by the expansive
spaces and rough-hewn look of these traditional structures. Nationwide,
Americans are turning to structures such as the barn with a mind to
renovating them to fit the lifestyles of today, redesigning these
often-wonderful places of the past into residential spaces. At Home in the American Barn
embraces the dream to slow things down and return to basics and shares
some success stories, as made plain by the buildings themselves.This
richly illustrated volume focuses on the barn as home. Each of the
structures featured has been adapted from its original utilitarian
purpose to allow for comfortable, joyous living. Built at first as
places for work, barns nevertheless often demonstrate fine craftsmanship
and artistry. This volume emphasizes the rare beauty of these
structures and shows throughout elegant solutions for living in these
beautifully imagined homes. Soaring rafters here allow for dramatic
chandeliers in one home or a wall of magnificent bookcases in another.
Spaces that are unconventional in a traditional domestic sense here
serve as springboards for inspiration that allow for, in one home, a
spiral staircase of fantasy made from hand-planed wood, and, in another,
a wall of glass that lets in the sun. At Home in The American Barn shows the way that this can be done successfully and artfully.

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