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Velotopia: The Production of Cyclespace in Our Minds and OurVelotopia:The Production of Cyclespace in Our Minds and Our Cities

By Steven Fleming

Across the world, cities are encouraging cycling to make their centers livable again.

Could cycling actually become a key organizing principle for future urban growth and the design of new buildings? What would cities designed for cycling look like and feel like? What is needed to make the perfect cycling city?

In Velotopia: The Production of Cyclespace in Our Minds and Our Cities, architectural theorist and historian Steven Fleming, a leading international figure in bicycle urbanism and author of the bestselling Cycle Space (2013), argues that the best-connected cities in the future will be those that put cycling before walking and public transport. According to Fleming, cities organized around cycling will be greener and healthier, but also fairer and more accessible than today's cities―more productive, comfortable, social and fun. In this volume, Fleming dares readers to think big, to radically reimagine cities and city life around movement on two wheels.

The first bike-centric model of urban planning and building design, Velotopia is a book for designers, planners, students, advocates and the general reader―all those shaping cities and the built environment who imagine a future for the cycling city.

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