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cherry blossom bud vase.jpgCherry Blossom Suction-Cup Bud Vase

These Suction-Cup Bud Vases start out flat and expand with water and adhere to any clean nonporous flat surface.  Add a touch of color to home or office windows, mirrors, kitchen or bathroom tile, and appliances.  Vase measures 3”x 6”.

Cherry Blossoms, or Sakura, herald the advent of spring and symbolize the renewal and the ephemeral nature of life.  America’s introduction to these lovely flowering trees had its beginnings in 1885 when writer, photographer, and later the first female board member of the National Geographic Society, Eliza Scidmore, returned from her first trip to Japan.  Her passion for the ethereal blooms resulted in a campaign to plant the trees along the waterfront of the Potomac River to beautify the Capital.  In 1909 she wrote to the first lady, Helen Taft, about her scheme to raise money to purchase and donate the trees.  Through Mrs. Taft’s diplomatic contacts, Japan became aware of the plan and in 1912 the mayor of Tokyo gifted over 3,000 trees in a gesture of friendship to the American people.  This delightful vase draws inspiration from the delicate profusions of blooms that grace Cherry Blossom festivals in Washington, D.C., Japan, and across the globe every spring.

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